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What is life insurance and why must we use life insurance?

Aren’t you afraid if something happened in your life? Aren’t you afraid to lose those who you dear the most? And what if those are happening right now? what will you do? That situation will only make you feel uncomfortable, confused, stressed and many more factors which will make you not thinking straight but only worried about everything. Your worry will lead you to nothing but mistakes. Well, how to get rid of those feeling? The answer is life insurance. The idea of company to make an insurance company was when people back then start worrying how will they rebuild/fix things they lost. But, modern insurance in this era are now different, in this era, insurance companies are more beneficial to both sides and has more option to insure other than things.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is an agreement over you and the company which will insure your bills on hospital when death happened to you or your family but the company only cover your bills if your death meets the criteria of the agreement. That’s why, if you want to claim your money to cover your bills you must have a strong reason on why the company must cover your bills. And yes, it is not for free. It is just basically you saving up to the company just it is effective for a long run. Life insurance can be passed onto your children or your wife/husband or family member if something happened to you. But don’t get it wrong, life insurance will not work forever. For example, you have a permanent contract to the company, when you die, the exact amount of money you store will be given back to your family.

How exactly life insurance company work/ gain profit?

Here is the following example to makes you easier to understand how the company gain profit. For example, you choose the policy insurance for 20 years in age of 25, you must pay the annual expenses like $100 per month. After choosing that, you have payed all of the 20 years of premium without using their service which is $24.000. But after you reach age of 35 the company could just rise the monthly premium to $200 per month, but you don’t want to pay that. When that happened, they drop the police or the contract you agreed to them. That will automatically cancel all the planning in the insurance. So, the company gains about $18,000 in their hands without paying anything but you gain no refund.

What comes after the insurance have been claimed?

After they cover the expenses is you could get the amount of money you pay back with the actual benefit. For example, you choose the police of $100.000 life insurance for 40 years at the age of 20 with a year annual. But you have some accident in the age of 32, the company will cover your health expenses for the amount of money you have stored for 12 years (20-32) which is $30,000. The amount of hospital bill is $10,000. So, your family will gain $20.000 with no tax in return.


Life insurance is just a saving up base but with some beneficial life protections. Why don’t you use them now? It also helping you to get rid of those worried feeling when something happened, protecting you, giving your family an insure to not feel worried anymore. Thing happened unexpected, so get your safety and get a happy life with your family! Thank you for reading this article, may you find this useful for your life.

What is stock market and is it profitable?

Stock market is a big system of organized money-making company. The money is moved around every day for transaction in economical market. Stock market has a total of $71.6 Trillion traded each year, it is worth more than any market goods in the entire world market! But stock market is not selling goods or service, but they are selling the right of the company or most commonly called shares. Buying shares also means you are buying a part of that company.

How does the shares exactly work?

Many factors could affect the shares performance, for example the company called “a” which sells hotdog to the market are getting good reputation form buyer, which will automatically rise the company share selling rate. But you must buy the shares when the stock price is low. And sell it when the market stock is high. So, if the company’s share price is high, you must wait and buy the share when the price is a bit lower. But there is a special case when a company performance is very good and promising, you must buy it at the moment you see it before it is too late. If you buy it later on, the price will explode and you can’t afford it anymore. And there is another case where a small company sell it low priced shares, but the buyer statistic was so high because they see the opportunities behind the company, or a great potential growing behind the company. The company’s share will be raising as the result. So, if the company real market selling is low, they can still gain profit from selling shares. If the company is lucky enough they can become large. But if the company is not lucky enough, they will end in debt.

What is the benefit of the company from selling shares?

The company which sells share to trader are most likely wanting to raise fund from selling the share to the share trader. Or the money they gain from share will be used for getting more staff, making more workspace, advertising the company, or even invest more so they could make more money from it. This kind of system Is beneficial to each side because of the larger the company makes, the larger your money will return. Facebook is one of a successful share seller, they successfully sell their shares for net worth of $16 billion. A company is better selling a share for more growth, but it also is a risk.

What to prepare in order to start investing?

# First, you need to throw away your desires over money, because money is just a worker when you invest. Investing in the stock is a big game of betting. There is no absolute guess over the share performance. But when the company which sells the share are growing you will win the game. When your investment result in a failure you must have a good mental to take it, that’s why we said you need to throw your ambition form money. Because investing is risky.

# Second, you need an enough starting money. For example you could store $100 every week onto your trading platform so it will become $400 every month. That is a good starting money for your investing business.

# Third, Don’t spend all the money on one base. This is the most important thing on investing. If you spend all of the money over 1 company, the risk is so high because its 10/10 chance of failure when the company drop. But if you spend the $400 on 4 companies, the chance becomes 2,5/10 chance of investing failure. Start off with a not-too-big company, you must have the skill to determine if the company is good or not.

# And last is don’t expect the money back in a short time. Like we have said in the top, money is nothing than a worker. If you want the money back in a short time, then don’t invest. Because investing really needs patients.